Contact Restaurant Management of Georgia, Inc.

You are welcome to contact the President of Restaurant Management Company of Georgia and its affiliates, C. Michael Turner. Since I desires to answer each inquiry personally, my travel schedule may delay a reply until I return to my office. However, if you have an urgent personnel matter and you have gone through the chain of command such as your Store Manager and General Manager and not been satisfied, then you are encouraged to call the “HOT LINE”, or leave a message on the voice mail, which will be forwarded to me. Please use the following communication points:

  • C. Michael Turner, President
  • @ The Corporate “HOT LINE” Number
  • 1-800-459-1709, give access code “01”.

  • or e-mail me

After hours, or if I am on the phone, you will be directed to a recorder. Please leave a message, giving your name, phone number, the restaurant you work at, and the best time to be contacted. You may also choose to leave a message regarding the nature of your call.